Thursday, May 28, 2015

Country Concert Outfit Ideas

With summer approaching, concerts are officially in full swing.  In a couple of weeks I'm going to the Tim McGraw concert with a couple of my friends, but I also know there is a Taylor Swift concert coming up, as well as Summer Jam.  And let's be real, the primary reason for going to concerts besides enjoying the music, is picking a cute outfit and taking pictures.

 I did a post about Coachella outfits here, so you may want to give that a skim if you're going to summer jam or some hipster festival, but today I'm talking about outfits for a country concert.  Here are some looks I'm loving from Pinterest.

This last look is probably my favorite because I think the cowgirl boots are so pretty.

Most of these looks incorporate some sort of denim or cowgirl boots, or both!  

Tip #1 Don't go out and spend a fortune on cowboy boots.  Borrow some from a friend that has gone to a country concert before an purchased a pair.  If you're planning on wearing them a lot, then buy them!  But otherwise, they can be expensive for one time use.

Tip #2 Check out cheaper stores if you're buying your whole outfit.  Places like Forever 21 have good concert clothes at very affordable prices.  Even though the quality may not be great, the store is perfect for a one and done outfit.

Tip #3 Hair makes or breaks a look.  If you have a busy outfit, keep your hair straight.  If your outfit needs a little more, try curling your hair or adding small braids.


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